19 Oct Friendship – You’re Going To Have To Trust Me

Friendship are Dan Wriggins on guitar and vocals, Peter Gill on pedal steel and guitar, Chalmers Hall on Bass and Mike Cormier on drums and percussion.

The band originally hails from Maine; home to one of North America’s oldest breeds of cat, Steven King and Judd Nelson.

The band have subsequently moved to Philadelphia; home of the Philly cheesesteak, Noam Chomsky and Paddy’s pub.

From such distinguished origins to such an illustrious destination, Friendship have resolved to discard their weatherworn wellies in favour of the slick and savvy sneakers of the city of brotherly love, and from their new dwellings have just released their latest record; You’re Going To Have To Trust Me, out 17th of October via Burst and Bloom Records.

The album, which you can listen to below or via bandcamp, is laden with light, twangy, countryified strings; euphonious, well measured percussion; full, surging basslines and playful yet wholly candid lyrics.

It combines whimsical folk elements of Jeffrey Lewis with the country-tinged sensibilities of Phosphorescent’s Mathew Houck.

It’s good and you should listen to it.

Enjoy yo.