cidada rhythm

01 Dec Cicada Rhythm – Cicada Rhythm

Cicada Rhythm are Georgia (state not country) natives Andrea DeMarcus and David Kirslis.

The band describe their music as ‘modern folk’, but throughout their self-titled record, Cicada Rhythm, they exhibit varying elements one would presume to find in genres ranging from country and classic rock to sweet tempered pop.

The duo harmonize well with DeMarcus’ impressive range, reminiscent of Joanna Newsom, and Kirslis’ raspiness, which brings Kristian Matsson to mind, unifying in dreamlike, bittersweet melodies.

Musically the sound has a pleasing diversity with Andrea and David rallying the support from 8 other musicians who lend their hands to instruments such as the accordian, pedal steel, harmonium and zither.

It’s really a rather beautiful record and I advice you to have a listen below or over at Cicada Rhythm’s bandcamp page.

Enjoy y’all.