07 Aug Walking Shapes – Pusher

Walking Shapes are Nathaniel Hoho, Jesse Alexander Kotanksy, Dan Krysa, Christopher Heinz and Jacob Generalli from Brooklyn, New York City.

Pusher is the lead track off their debut L.P. Walking Shapes – Mixtape (Vol.1).

And, well, it’s a beaut.

The track fades in with murky, evening tones, an ominous drum deeply reverberating and muted strings being caressed in anticipation, all of which slowly give way to a vibrant, lush soundscape comprised of layered, prismatic guitars and atmospheric synth intonations.

Atop of all of this soars a resplendent vocal, often accentuated with concordant harmonies; reminiscent of Devendra Banhart’s dulcet tones.

Have a listen below, and if you like listen to the full L.P. over at Walking Shapes’ bandcamp