01 Jul Stumped – LIVE @ KILSTON STREET

I have no idea who these kids are. What I do know is that they’re called Stumped, they hail from California and they make pretty dope music.

There are two tracks on their bandcamp page from the definitely not live EP, “LIVE @ KILSON STREET”, that I strongly urge you to check out.

Homesick is a barely restrained piece of beautiful chaos; all garage drums, jangly guitars and a twenty-a-day raspy voice spewing pure heartbreak and nostalgia.

Submarines starts with the tell tale signs of DIY recording; a little too much line noise from an old lead, snare buzz from a bass amp too close to the kit, an unsynchronised and abrupt ending; all endearing little nuances which add to the raw, naive charms of the boys from CA. The song itself is a hypnotic, surfy jaunt, akin to the sounds produced by their fellow townsman The Growlers, and it’s pretty sick.

Check out the tracks below and enjoy.