02 Sep no body – Dark Shadow / Dog Pets Me

no body are (apologies for the apparent poor grammar when spoken out loud) Issac Scott, Evelen Gospel and Josh Wolf from Olympia, Washington.

Dark Shadow / Dog Pets Me is the band’s debut split single, thus far available only through their bandcamp page.

Dark Shadow is a giant curveball of a song; beginning with an oh so laid back guitar and bass riff, some early morning strings and a very chill, ambrosial vocal performance; the song seemingly follows the formulaic ‘intro verse chorus verse chorus’ structure for the first one minute and thirty nine seconds before exploding (politely) into multiple refrains of duelling guitars and counter vocal melodies which never last for more than twenty seconds apiece. It’s beautifully written in the sense that whilst it keeps transmogrifying and changing shape, the song manages to maintain direction and consonant harmony.

Dog Pets Me is a rather different (presumably soviet) beast; containing at its core a solid Sabbathian riff and a vocal delivery echoing from the early 70s. However we are still led down an equally unpredictable path with a structure that manages to trick you at every turn; a motif I imagine we shall be seeing throughout no body’s work.

Anyways have a listen below and enjoy.