05 Aug MGMT – Your Life is a Lie (Video)

MGMT are set to release their third record on the 17th of September via Columbia Records.

And, well, those who were hoping for a return to the pop sensibilities of Oracular Spectacular look like they might be in for a bit of a disappointment.

Making rash, highly premature judgements based upon lead single Alien Days and follow up Your Life is a Lie, it seems that MGMT’s forthcoming self-titled album will follow the progressive sonic direction laid out by their 2010 sophomore offering Congratulations.

And this, dear friends, is great news.

Having seemingly disregarded the unwarranted criticism they received from fair-weather fans of their highly successful debut, MGMT have stood fast to their manifesto laid bare by Congratulations.

Where Alien Days seemed to hint at this wonderful obstinacy, Your Life is a Lie seems to settle it outright.

The video (directed by Tom Kuntz (hah)), the lyrical content, the demagoguery of the vocals and the stunted, fragmented rhythmic repetition all seem to serve to induce metaphysical angst, social paranoia and anxiety, but in an enjoyable and undeniably hilarious way.

I think it’s rather glorious and suggest you watch / listen below.