22 Feb Lingua Nada – Corgan

Lingua Nada are Adam Lenox Jr, Michel Geyer, Arvid Sifter, Valentin “Valek” Tornow and Christian “Siggi” Sieber from Leipzig, Germany.

Their tags on bandcamp read “rock, emo, mathrock, post-rock, progressive, pop, shoegaze”, and whilst this seems like a rather bizarre mix of genres, their track, Corgan, from their forthcoming split LP with Paan, represents this assertion pretty fucking well.

The track bursts to life with a cacophony of jangly guitars and vocal harmonies, the punctuation seems familiar yet distinct; it sounds faintly like Vampire Weekend if Ezra Koenig was writing on an interesting amount of adderall. Before long it breaks down into vibrato croons, accented by a guitar riff soaked in chorus and phaser, akin to Mac Demarco’s idiosyncratic pluckings. Just as we are getting comfortable the track shifts up a gear into some serious shredding with FIDLAResque undertones before descending into a veritable burst of math rock, time signature and all. The track momentarily relaxes its grips on our respective genitals, reverting to Animal Collective style harmonies before dropping entirely to verbbed out guitars and a lackadaisical, slurring vocal reminiscent of our boy Archy Marshall. The last minute of ‘Corgan’ is a rich wall of sound with anthemic vocals which gradually ascends to an unexpected yet satisfyingly abrupt ending.

It’s a track that goes to many places but manages to never quite outstay its welcome.

It’s pretty dope and you should check it out below or on Lingua Nada’s bandcamp.