06 Dec FIDLAR – Gimme Something

Listen to another track from FIDLAR’s forthcoming debut LP, set for release January 22 next year via Mom & Pop

Gimme Something, which you can stream at Rolling Stone, is an infectious little sunny fucker with a lovely spiralling riff, instant sing along chorus and a slick solo which I have deduced – with literally no empirical evidence whatsoever – is a nod to old Keef who wrote the song that inspired the name of this track.

Anyways, here’s the tracklist (with the songs you can currently listen to linked, cos’ I’m nice like that) for the highly anticipated record.

1 Cheap Beer
2 Stoked & Broke
3 White on White
4 No Waves
5 Whore
6 Max Can’t Surf
7 Black Out Stout
8  Wake Bake Skate
9  Gimme Something
10 Five to Nine
11 LDA
12 Paycheck
13 Wait For The Man
14 Cocaine

And here’s a link to their track AWWWKWAARRRDDD ft Kate Nash for good measure and shameless self promotion.